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 ...So That The Pain Can Get Just A Little Bit Lighter, And A Little Bit More Bearable.
When your world is falling apart and you are doing everything you can to keep everything together... I See You
  • I lost who I was, and I don't know who I am anymore
  • ​I am not the mother I want to be-I feel stuck in a endless cycle of grief, sadness, and pain
  • ​​It feels like it's been too long and I'm not allowed to grieve anymore
  • ​I feel really stuck in my grief, and I just want to be able to live again
  • If I find healing or move on, I'm forgetting my child
  • ​I wear a mask pretending I'm okay, when really I'm broken and empty inside
  • ​My grief is a heavy cloud that covers every single day, and I don't think it's possible to be happy again

There is so much hope and life left for you friend- you just need the right tools and right support to get you there

  • First, when you understand that grief is our normal response to loss, you begin to judge your grief journey less, and allow it to play out in the way it's supposed to.
  • ​Second, while grief isn't "fixable" and there is nothing either of us can do to stop it or change the situation, there are tools that you can add to your toolbox to help support you and encourage you.
  • Third, being in community with other grieving mothers will give you the truth that you are not alone, and you are completely normal.
  • "I was consumed with guilt"
I was paralyzed. I was consumed with guilt. I couldn't move, I couldn't think. I beat myself up 24/7. My friends told me "don't feel guilt!" 

I didn't have a tool- nothing made me feel any better.
  • "Invest in yourself- you have nothing to lose"
Please, please, please invest in yourself. As women- we tend to not invest in ourselves, we invest so much in other people. This is the one time to invest in yourself. Just do it- what have you got to lose?
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