A Mother's Grief and Her Journey to Carrying Her Grief

6 week Grief Program

 how to live and function with grief after the death of your baby or child

without Forgetting Your child. You can learn to carry your grief instead of suffering with grief

Here's What You Might Not Know...

If you're a grieving mother, looking for hope and possibility on how to navigate this incredibly difficult journey then you probably already know that grief isn't "fixable". Nor do you want to get rid of it. If you're anything like me, the thought of letting go of my grief was terrifying, as I thought that meant I would be forgetting or moving on from my daughter Aria.

As a grieving mother you also know how difficult it is to explain to other people the depth and duration that this pain has brought to your life. Nobody else seems to understand how painful and difficult each moment actually is. How every second is an effort and struggle to keep going.

Because you are a part of this horrific club, you know, that every fiber of your being is taken over by the guilt, the anger, the sadness, the depression. Every waking moment is of your child, and it feels impossible to find any hope or joy in your life again.

Even if you're lucky enough to have a support system, see a therapist, and feel like you are surviving on your grief journey here's what tools from a grief coach and a mom who has walked this grief path can do for you...

Give you the ability to experience life in a deeper way

You cannot selectively numb your emotions. When you numb the pain, you are also numbing the joy. This becomes a viscous cycle of pain, numbing, and suffering, without ever reaching the ability to feel joy, peace, and laughter. The full life experience is ALL of the emotions, but first you have to allow room for the pain and the joy.

Allow you space to do the deep work not just put a band-aid on the internal problem

As a society, we don't honor grief as the deep journey that it is. We want to put a "quick" fix on it. Medicate it, numb it, keep busy from it. Do anything but to feel, process, sit with, and care for our grief. Your life can be so much more than the empty shell you are living in now, but you need the space to be able to do this work.

Offer tangible ways to connect your mind and your body as the whole being that they are

In order to connect your mind and your body, you need to do the work both within your brain, and within your body. In coaching, you will learn how to manage your mind, and how to begin to connect with your body so you can feel, connect, and move through your emotions of grief.

Provide a safe and compassionate space to look in the mirror

We all have blind spots. Every single one of us. We cannot see our own stuff, and I am able to provide tools for you to do this work, so you can begin to see the blind spots you have- why are you triggered so often? Why are you so affected by what other people say? How can you take ownership and control of your own grief journey?

Even though you might long for happiness, joy, and to feel like yourself again, the path to getting there is anything but easy. You might find yourself thinking...

 I'm ready to truly start healing but I have no clue how to do that...

Do we ever really heal? Will there ever be a day in the future that I will feel "normal"? Will I ever enjoy doing things with my younger children and not feel guilty or consumed with sadness the entire time?

Friend, I know you don't want to live this way, and right now it feels like you don't have any choice. Maybe right now it feels like this is just the way it is. In the moments where you can breathe, maybe you get the strength to get out of bed or to put a smile on your face. But maybe most days you put on the mask and pretend everything is fine when really you are feeling so broken inside.  

Maybe you've had people say things to you that set you back for weeks, and then you hear things like "you never get over child loss, you are doomed forever". As you try to find any source of hope, from all sides people are telling you child loss is the worst thing and it's not possible to find any sort of peace. You are probably telling yourself that as well. 

As you try to get your feet underneath you, something else triggers you and you are back in the beginning, where you feel like you are going backwards. Every anniversary, birthday, holiday feel like a horrific replay of what you are missing and what you have lost.

Here's why so many grieving mothers don't find life after loss...

Without the tools, awareness, or knowledge of how much control they have in their grief, they give up thinking this is all there is. When the truth is, with proper guidance and support, every single grieving mother has the ability within them to carry their grief, and find life after loss. Every grieving mother is stronger than she thinks, and she has it within her to find healing.

We just don't talk about it, and here's why this is so horrifying

1 in 4 women lose a child. 1 in 4. That's 25% of women who are grieving the loss of a child, and we tell her that she will never find life after loss. We tell her there is no hope. We tell her to just get used to the normal of living as a empty version of herself. We offer medication as a band aid to dealing with the deep grief that will not just disappear with medication. We don't readily offer the tools that grieving mothers need in order to be able to connect with their emotions and to be able to process their experience fully.

As a grieving mother, you deserve so much more than that. You are worthy of a full and beautiful life as well.

But here's the thing. None of that is possible if you don't do the work. If you don't dive deep into yourself to connect your mind and your body. If you are not ready to allow your grief to flow. You need to be willing to get uncomfortable and learn to sit with your pain and begin to care for your grief.

Can I share something with you?

Even though, many people give up after the death of a child, and just exist day to day, I want you to know that this doesn't have to be your story.

Every day can be feel overwhelming and like a battle that you're not willing to fight, but here's the thing. When you stop judging yourself, allow yourself to be exactly where you are in your grief, and invest in the tools and support to help you process the grief in your mind and your body, you too can find a way to live fully even alongside such a heavy pain.

When you release the weight of all the judgement, the cycling thoughts, and the should haves, it's amazing the weight that comes off of your shoulders.

With your permission, I'd be honored to show you how...


Life After Child Loss 

A Grieving Moms Guide to Hope and Healing
6 weeks to Go From Stuck in Grief to Moving Through Grief

I've taken everything I learned from my own experience of the death of my daughter Aria and how I've been able to find tools and resources to support my mind and my body through this intense experience.

Through my own experience, and through coaching other grieving mothers, I have a unique approach to healing and discovering life after loss.

Life After Child Loss isn't so a grief program, as it is a full life-changing, emotional fitness, and mind and body connection experience.

The end result? You will be able to love yourself more in your grief, be more forgiving to yourself, know you are normal, allow yourself more grace, and have the tools to make the changes you are so desperately wanting.

Lauren's Story

Life After Child Loss is the only grief program I know that 

  • Creates a safe space for grief in a normal and loving way, even though we all grieve differently
  • Uses tried and tested tools and resources to encourage processing grief in the way that's best for you
  •  Takes off the band-aid and the quick fixes, and actually dives into the deep work that will create lasting change and a deeper experience in your life so that you can actually learn to love yourself and your life again
  • ​Doesn't fix grief, but normalizes and supports grief as a normal response to a horrific loss
  • ​Brings together many methods including thought work, emotional work, meditations, visualizations, and emotional freedom technique in Megan's very unique teaching style
  • ​Is taught by a Mom who has lost her daughter, and has learned how to carry her grief. She teaches from true experience

Here's How it Works-

In this 6 week program, you will be given a module of the C.A.R.R.Ying Grief framework every week. Each week Megan will do different videos and audios of guided meditations, visualizations, teachings, and exercises to help you work through thoughts that keep cycling and process the intense emotions that are coming up in your body. 

Module 1: Letting go of judgement for yourself

Have you ever heard the saying, "What you resist persists"? This is so true in grief. So often we lead with judgement towards our experience and the way we are reacting and then pretend something isn't happening because it's painful to face it. 

When you can notice and get curious, it takes away the judgement, and gives you room to notice your triggers, your emotions, and your thoughts, so that you can change your experience if you choose to.

  • When you lead with curiosity you can actually begin to get honest with yourself
  • Takes away the "shoulds" and "have tos"
  • Allows you to make changes from a place of love and being curious about why things are happening the way they are

Module 2: Notice what's going on within, so you can begin to change

Bringing awareness to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations of energy in your body that grief brings up. Connecting your mind and your body so that your whole body is working to support you in your grief. With awareness, comes the ability to change the cycles of anger, guilt, and suffering that have been happening in your life.

  • Guided Meditations
  • ​Visualizations
  • Exercises to help you learn what's going on in your brain, and how to notice what emotions you are feeling
  • ​This one is a two week section

Module 3: Facing your painful and tough emotions in a safe and controlled environment

As a society we are so disconnected from our emotions and our bodies. We have not been taught to feel and process emotions. In this program, you will start to be able to name, feel, and connect with your emotions.

This is important, because as humans we are driven by emotions, and in order to get back some control in your life, you have to learn how to process and not be scared to process and move through emotions.

  • Guided Meditations
  • ​Visualizations
  • Letting go of judgement of emotions, and what ones are "good" or "bad"
  • ​Discussion around emotions, and how we don't need to "feel good" or "be happy" all of the time

Module 4: Releasing thoughts and emotions that are not serving you

In order to heal and begin to find yourself again after child loss, there are some things that you might need to let go of first. As humans, even if we are in pain, there is a reason we are doing it. Maybe you feel like you deserve to suffer, maybe you feel like you will are forgetting if you start to heal. 

When you are ready, you can slowly work your way to releasing the thoughts that are holding you back, and replace them with thoughts that feel good for you.

  • Guided Meditations and visualizations(lots of them)
  • ​Awareness of the baggage that is keeping you stuck
  • ​Noticing what you do and don't have control over

Module 5: Learning to love yourself and your life again

How are you supposed to love yourself, when your child is gone? If you don't love and care for yourself, you cannot care and loves others in the way that you want. Learning to love yourself is going to be so helpful on your grief journey, so you can begin to allow yourself to grieve in your way.

When you have the love for yourself, you radiate that to everyone around you.

  • Thought work, and noticing the way you speak to yourself
  • ​Affirmations/Mirror Work
  • ​Coming from a place of choice and love rather than should

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3 month pay of $127 a month

Hope From A Grieving Mom

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Do you truly want to see change in your life and your grief?

I want to be very clear with this. 

Life After Child Loss Grief Program is the most compassionate, supportive, and comprehensive grief program that I know, that actually gives you tools and supportive methods that can help you move forward in your grief with someone who not only understands child loss, but lives with it as well.

If you go through the whole program and do all of the work that I ask you within 60 days and by the end you haven't noticed a shift in your grief where things begin to flow instead of staying stuck, I will refund you. All you have to do is email hello@meganhillukka.com

That means, you get to go through the whole program, and then decide if it was helpful for you.

All you have to do is go through all the modules, do the work that Megan asks you to do, and if you don't feel any shift in your grief by the end of 60 days email hello@meganhillukka.com and I will send you a refund.

Here's Everything You Get When You Join Today...

#1 The tools and framework I use to coach grieving mothers to guide yourself through your grief journey (Value $997)
A Grieving Moms Guide to Hope and Healing
  • Discover the natural process of grief: So that you can let go of the expectations you and others are holding you to in your grief journey
  • Learn and create your own pathway in grief: so that you can take steps forward in your life again
  • Begin to feel hope in your body: So that you know that life after child loss is possible
  • ​Feel the movement of emotions: Allow grief to go from stuck to flowing
Because I want to support you in every possible way
When You Join, You’ll Also Get These FREE Gifts
A Private Space to Connect With the Other Moms in the Program
​A Ultra Private Facebook Support Community (Value $97)
-Community: Finding life after loss with others who understand that it's not easy

​-Compassion: so that you can have compassion for yourself and for others

​-Connection: a group of people you can almost speak without words. The experiences are on such a deep level you can understand from the heart.

-A place to feel understood: So that you know you are never alone, and that you are normal
Bonus Class on Trauma and PTSD 
Everything I know about living with trauma and how to heal trauma (value $297)
Most every mother who loses a child experiences trauma and in this section, I teach you everything I know about trauma from my own experience, and how you too can find help for trauma

How to Navigate the Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
A rollercoaster, anxiety ridden, trigger filled time, where you learn to get back in the driver seat of your life.
(Value $297)
Bonus class specifically diving into this work, and helping you navigate the emotions and thoughts surrounding holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

This is the exact method I walk through with my coaching clients that takes them from anxiety ridden, and scared, to feeling more in control and ready to face what comes to them.

Free Access to a Community Just for Grieving Mothers With Support Tools and Coaching
3 Month Access To Grieving Moms Haven Membership Community (Value $141)
This membership is a library of guided meditations and visualizations that support you in working through grief, connecting with your emotions, and connecting your mind and body.

This also includes a 1x a month coaching call as well!

This access will start after the 6 weeks of the grief program ends

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't afford this, and I don't want to pay for my grief.
Oh how glad I am that we can address this thought. What value you do you place on your mental well-being? As a society we do not value mental health as much as we should. Being healthy and well in our minds makes an incredible difference in how we live how lives. Do you want to keep living the way you are? Do you want to see changes? Then you are worth investing in. YOU. You are worth it, and valuable to invest money into your life to change the way you carry your grief. 
How much money do you spend on other things? Cars, coffees, phones, houses, clothes, hairstyles? Yet, it's scary to invest in something that will change the quality of your life?
When you invest in yourself, you become committed to doing better, to showing up, to doing the grief work, and truly diving deep into your grief. Why not you? Why not right now?

I'm not ready to let go of my grief.
You don't have to let go of your grief. I'm so glad we are getting to this question! Your grief is here to stay, for the rest of your life. So how can you build your life bigger around grief? Here's the thing, grief is heavy enough right? Then we add so much on top of it, guilt, endless cycling of thoughts that don't stop, and make our grief 10x worse than it needs to be. So I'm not going to tell you to be done grieving, but I will support you in releasing the things that are not serving you in your grief, when you are ready to do so. As a grieving mother myself, I know how important it is to allow your grief to unfold in your way, and how to use these tools to support you in your own process.

I will never get over this pain
If you never look for hope, do you think you will find it? We see what we look for, and I want to encourage you to look for stories of other mothers who have learned how to live with the pain and carry their grief. They are not any different than you. I am not different than you. While no, I will not "get over" my daughter. I will never forget her, I will always love her, and the pain will always come and go in my life, this doesn't mean that I have to live in a state of misery the rest of my life, and neither do you.

What makes your grief program special?
First off, as a grieving mother, I understand the deep pain that cannot be understood by someone who has not experienced it. Also, as a grieving mother who has learned to carry my grief, I also know the hope and possibility that is there for you as well. That aside, I am an avid learner and continue to learn different methods and tools of supporting my mind and my body and as I find that they help me, I incorporate them into my work. There are so many beautiful methods of supporting your body and mind in an very intense and painful time in your life, and I continually learn and put them together within my own work of coaching and guiding grieving moms.

I'm glad for you, but it's just not possible for me, some of us never find healing.
Why? Because you decided it's not possible? I'm not going to fight something that you already decided, but I do want to challenge your belief. How can you say others are just stronger than you? Have it made more than you? They can do it, but you can't? Not only are you discounting the work that others have done to get where they are at (like a TON of work. Grief work is far from easy). You are also minimizing your own strength and ability to heal. When you say that, you completely cut off the possibility for you have a beautiful life. You deserve so much better, and I'm here to guide you there.

How does this grief program work?
Once a week you will get an email, and a new module will be available to go through in your Life After Child Loss portal. Then you can begin going through the videos, and do the work outlined in it. You will also have access to these videos.

What if I go through this whole program and it does nothing for me?
I'm so glad you asked. I believe so deeply that if do the work that I ask you to do, and really come with an open mind, that this will start to shift and change things for you on your grief journey. If it doesn't, and this process is not for you, I will FULLY REFUND you! I want to be a help and of service, and if this doesn't begin to shift things in your grief all you have to do is email hello@meganhillukka.com within 60 days and I will refund you.

Can you remind me of everything I'm getting today when I join?
-5 weeks of recorded videos and modules with Megan where you will learn tools and ways to support your body and mind through your grief journey. (Spread over 6 weeks)
-A private space to continue to connect with grieving mothers in the program who are also looking for support, connection, and understanding.
-A Bonus class on Trauma and PTSD
-A bonus class on How to Navigate the Holidays, Anniversaries, and Birthdays
-A free month in Grieving Moms Haven to continue the healing you've experienced in Life After Child Loss

Still Unsure?

Life After Child Loss is For You If...

  • You are new to grief, and you really want to learn how to process your pain and grief from the beginning
  • You have been on this road for a while, yet grief still hangs over your head like a heavy cloud, you feel really stuck where you are at, and you don't want to keep living the way you are living
  • ​You want to find support and help in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • ​You are willing to do the deep work of grief and be coachable
  • ​You are unsure of how to process anger, guilt, sadness, or any other heavy emotion that you are experiencing with your grief, and you want a guide to help you
  • ​Are starting to see the possibility that life after child loss is possible for you
  • ​You want to discover yourself again, feel fully alive, and thrive in your life that you have
  • ​You are ready to commit your time, money, and energy to learning to process your grief and being able to come out from underneath the heavy fog that covers your life. 
If you said YES to 5 of those above, I can't wait to see you inside Life After Child Loss Grief Program
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